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CNC Mill


  • Advanced Bilevel Chopper Drive technology coupled with new 200 oz-in. stepper motors providing rapid traverse speeds of 30 inches/minute with High Motor Torque.
  • Step resolution of 0.000125 inches.

  • Precision Engineered Steel and Aluminum structural design.
  • STEEL CUTTING capability with tests showing a single pass 1/8" depth slot cut in mild steel with a 1/8" end mill -Try This on other desktop mills!
  • SHOP AND COMPARE the MicroMill to any other machine on the market today and decide which is the FASTEST, MOST PRECISION, POWERFUL, RUGGED, MOST CAPABLE and ECONOMICAL desktop machine on the market today!

The above 2 workpieces were done with the CNC Mill. The material was 60-61 aluminum.

Maximum Travel Speed: 30 in/min.
Maximum Speed with BallScrews: 100 in/min.
HARDENED ER16 Spindle in Mill Head
Max cutter shank : 3/8 (with 3/8 ER16 collet)
2026ER Maximum Travel: X = 9.5", Y = 5.5", Z = 6.0"
2026ER Table dimensions 3 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches
2027ER Maximum Travel: X = 12.0", Y = 5.5", Z = 6.0"
2027ER Table dimensions 3 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches
Maximum Z distance to table : 8.0"
Z-Axis swivel 90 degrees
Mechanical Resolution: 0.0005 in.
Electrical Resolution: 0.00013 in.
Spindle Speeds: 1100-10000 RPM.
Rigid square tubular steel base and column construction.
X Axis - Hard Anodized Table with 45 deg. dovetail sliding on steel ways
Y Axis - Precisionly ground prismatic 90 deg. steel rail ways.
Z Axis - Steel box ways
Total Dimensions with motors 21" x 20" x 24".
Total Weight 85 lbs.


2026ER CNC mill (3 1/2 x 15 1/2 inch table) with ER 16 Spindle and MACH3 software $2295.00
2027ER CNC mill (3 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch table) with ER 16 Spindle and MACH3 software $2495.00
5027ER CNC mill (3 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch table) with BallScrews, ER 16 Spindle and MACH3 software $2995.00
5019RETRO Upgrade your mill with Ball screws on each axis. Just send in your complete XY portion of your mill and the Z-axis Blue column with the steel plates and we will send you back a brand new XY stage with ball screws and a new Z-axis. We will use your existing Z-axis column and steel plates. You keep your headstock, motor and stepper motor couplers $1000.00


1230A 1/16" MILLING CUTTER $12.15
1230B 3/32" MILLING CUTTER $12.15
1230C 1/8" MILLING CUTTER $12.15
1230D 5/32" MILLING CUTTER $12.15
1230E 3/16" MILLING CUTTER $12.15
1041ER-A 1/16" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-B 1/8" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-C 3/16" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-D 1/4" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-E 5/16" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-F 3/8" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-G 3/32" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-H 5/64" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-I 5/32" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1041ER-J 1/32" ER16 COLLET $11.15
1042ER ER16 COLLET NUT $12.90
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