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Some of the Companies and Schools using TAIG's CNC Mill

In the last few years we (TAIG Tools) have sold thousands of our Milling Machines (Both regular and CNC). Customers from all over the planet are using our CNC Mill for either recreational or Industrial use. Our CNC mill is being used in a variety of applications throughout the world. One company in England has over 25 of our CNC mills that they run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making dental molds and mouth guards. (they have been using the mills for over 4 years at this pace)

NASA is using our CNC machine in their labs to machine small intricate parts. The Military is using the mill for some of their research and development. Exxon Mobil Corporation recently purchased our CNC Mill to use in their research and development division of the company. All in all the TAIG Tools-Microproto Systems CNC mill is becoming an industry leader in the CNC desktop machining arena. The machine for its size is about the most rigid and accurate mill around. Couple that with a Control system that uses some of the newest state of the art technology in servo feedback systems and it is no wonder why we can say that the following is a partial list of customers that use our CNC Micro Mill.


NASA - Langley,VA
NASA - Bay St.Louis
Cardone Industries
Wave Machine Labs
West Coast Engineering
Alliance Medical Corp
Sierra Nevada Corp
Electro Mechanical Design
Advanced Bionics
Triad Solutions
Foremost Spring Company
Aeromed Tech
General Tool
Ariz ABC Fabrication
All Cell Technologies
EBC Electronics
Visual Instrumentation


University of Texas at El Paso
Texas A & M University
University of Maryland
Baylor College of Medicine
Rutgers University
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
University of California at Irvine
University of Southern California
University of Conneticut
University of Hawaii
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri
Virginia Commonwealth University
Vanderbilt University
Toronto Technical
Holy Trinity Academy
University of Washington DC
University of Missouri-Rolle
Dublin City School
Nashua-Plainfield School

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